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Double Feature!

U.S. film. Although it's from '62, Married Too Young looks like a 1950s JD teen film. The action begins at a race track with real racing footage; then Tommy (Harold Lloyd Jr.), and his girl Helen (Jana Lund), head over to the local juke joint where Helen drops a dime in the Rockola jukebox. Dirty old men at the bar leer at Helen as she twists and shakes her backside. The couple goes for a moonlight ride, they park and begin to grope wildly—but not wanting a cheap affair, they decide to wait until they're married. But now they're so horny they decide to cross the state line and secretly get married, despite not having finished high school.

Before long the outraged parents discover the secret and the shattered couple moves into an apartment of their own. But the troubles for these young teens have only begun. Before long the bills start piling up and Tommy gives in to pressure from a hoodlum to get into the stolen car racket. Tommy is not prepared for a life of crime and it inevitably leads to big trouble!

Look for jukebox and jitterbug scenes in a bar and malt shop. There's lots of crazy teenage lingo, daddy-o! Jana Lund has one of the best racks in 50s teen moviedom! Ed D. Wood Jr. is thought to have worked on this film. Harold Lloyd Jr., Jana Lund, Marianna Hill, David Bond, George Cisar, Richard Davies, Lincoln Demyan, Anthony Dexter, Tom Fransden, Frank Harding, Cedric Jordan, Trudy Marshall, Nita Loveless, Joel Mondeaux, Brian O'Hara, Irene Ross. Married Too Young!

Plus this bonus selection...

"By Line – Jeff Stone." Mar-19-66. Lesley Gore sings, "It's My Party" and "We Know We're In Love." Jeff and Smitty write a song and desperately try to meet Lesley Gore who is in town for some concert dates. Jeff pretends he's a reporter and sneaks into her hotel suite to conduct an interview and slip her the song. A series of mishaps occur but all ends well when Lesley sings Jeff and Smitty's song at her next show. It's a sign of the times as the names Herman's Hermits, the Beatles and Elvis get mentioned in this episode. Paul Petersen, Lesley Gore, Darryl Richard, Donna Reed, Carl Betz, Binnie Barnes.

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