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U.S. film. A hippie, counter-culture, anti-establishment road film. A teenaged boy and girl meet in Big Sur, California and begin a hitchhiking adventure traveling north to San Francisco.

Along the way they meet an assortment of "interesting people" including two switchblade-wielding psychopaths who threaten them, a Benzedrine-popping, pervert trucker (he urinates on them!) who locks the boy in the back of the truck while he bangs the girl up in the cab, and a drunken alcoholic "swinging couple" in a cool 1950s car who take them for a wild ride!

Long hairs, guitars and bongos! Lots of "Iron Butterfly sounding" rock n roll. Music by: The Friends of Distinction. The sixties were still alive in 1972! Meg Foster, Michael Burns, Bruce Dern, Mikel Conrad, Larry Hankin, Joyce Van Patten, Marianna Hill. Thumb Tripping!

Bonus Selection: LA's First Love-In 1967.

THUMB TRIPPING 1972 movie on DVD!

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