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Double Feature!

U.K. film. Excellent quality. 16:9 aspect ratio. A fashionable London jazz party is hosted by Rodney, a wealthy hep cat who anticipated the fashion for converting warehouses into loft apartments by a good three decades.

The party's real-life celebrity guests include: Charles Mingus, Dave Brubeck, Johnny Dankworth and nearly a dozen other jazz musicians who provide an on-location soundtrack that segues between the dialog and their hip commentary on the proceedings.

Rodney's sweet on jazz and he's set up a party to celebrate the first anniversary of top jazz man Rex and his wife Delia. Now Delia ain't been singing in public since she got hitched, but she's been working on a "new style" in private.

Drummer and narcissistic psycho dope-fiend Johnnie Cousin has plans to set up his own band and will do anything, no matter how underhanded and devious, to realize his goal. This is a guy who got married for a laugh while he was "juiced." Johnnie goes to extraordinarily lengths to ensure his elevation on the road to stardom by setting one party-goer off against the other, getting reformed addicts stoned on his black-papered reefers and even doctoring tape-recorded conversations to trick people into performing devilish acts.

Richard Attenborough, Betsy Blair, Bernard Braden, Paul Harris, Patrick McGoohan, Keith Michell. Jazz musicians: Dave Brubeck, Charles Mingus, Keith Christie, Bert Courtley, John Dankworth, Ray Dempsey, Allen Gantley, Tubby Hayes, Geoffrey Holder, Barry Morgan, Kenny Napper, Colin Purbrook. All Night Long!

Plus this bonus selection...

U.K. newsreel. It's a look at the SOHO bohemian coffee bars of London. Many famous coffee bars are shown on the inside and out. Very cool scene in the 2Is with a rock & roll band playing wildly and the crowd jiving away! Some of the coffee bars shown include: The 2Is, the French, the Macabre, Le Grande, Stockpot, Sam Widges, Melbray, Universal, La Roca, Freight Train, El Toro, Picasso, Las Vegas, Moka Bar, and more.

ALL NIGHT LONG 1961 movie on DVD!

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